Bear Crawling Rhode Show #37

Hugh wants to wine and dine me at the Sisu Restaurant just because he had an Erin Saves Moment, then he farted and it sounded like Got Game? would sound after three hours of Internet Porn. Hugh is starting his own new podcast called Let’s Make A Drug Deal where he simply watches Movies about Knee Braces and Dental Work with music by Canadian Customers? Really? He is all ready up for a Nobel Prize For Podcasting for his war time coverage of WTJ Gets A Boo-boo from Stewart Copeland. Hugh’s spoiled and humorless brother won’t buy a No Deal Button just because we insist on completing the Milk Chalenge Update. After all of this Hugh stll has the ability to pick out the music which is “Now is the Time/Keep Hope Alive/Busy Child – Live 9-30-09″ by The Crystal Method

Album Art provided by LensFlared  Shadow People

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  1. Kelloli:

    Hugh’s mouth can predict the weather? Cool!

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