Bear Crawling Rhode Show #48

Don’t forget the very Special Christmas Night show. You don’t want to miss getting the family gathered around for this special live show. And we really want your input on the Second Anniversary Q&A show for the entire Bear Crawling Nation of Big C, Steve Cain, Hugh 4, Charlie White, and Larry the Proass. Get those questions and comments in now –

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Hey tonight I am motivated – go figure. So no joke Hugh still hasn’t finished his Christmas Shopping but thats because he doesn’t do that in public. Instead he prays to the god of Tipping that he too can get some BC Temp Jobs. The highlight of the Road Show for the entire 2009 – Dreamy Kevin Calls In. So we recap the friday night with World Traveler Jim – Those Who Can’t Kill Teach. Blah blah blah Old Skool Video Games blah blah Medic Tales blah blah EMP Wii blah blah blah. Ok so maybe I wasn’t that motivated. The music for your ride hand selected by Hugh is “Next To Nothing” by Fatboy Slim.

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